Traveling with Invisalign

Traveling with Invisalign by Diana Southern

You probably haven’t noticed, but I have braces.

Braces? Really? At twenty-something? Yeah, and if you knew me back in middle school, you know I already had braces, in like, 7th grade. But I lost my retainer in college (actually, it was stolen), and by the time I got back to my orthodontist in St. Louis, my top teeth had gone right back to the way they were before. And now, 9 years later, I finally decided to fix it. Again. ::sigh::

Lucky me, the world now has Invisalign, so I don’t have to go through the standard braces charade a second time! And despite the short durations I spend in any one place these days, I found a way to fit straightening my teeth (metal free) in with my travels! Read on to find out what Invisalign is all about, and what the process is like when you’re constantly moving from place to place.  Continue reading

Escape Campervans Review: Los Angeles to Death Valley (and why we don’t recommend Escape Campervans)

Escape Campervans Review and Our Trip to Death Valley

Let’s visit a popular U.S. National Park in peak season at the last minute! Yeah, that sounds like our travel style. And that’s how our conversation started two weeks back when we decided we had to see the Death Valley Superbloom.

All advance reservations for park accommodations were full. We could try our luck at a first-come first-served campsite, but we didn’t really feel up to tent camping this trip. So we decided to try something new: the rental campervan.

Despite paying more than we should have (no thanks to Escape), we had a good time on our trip. Want to know what the campervan life is like? Keep reading to find out! (More on why we don’t recommend Escape Campervans, too.) Continue reading

[VIDEO] Our Road Less Traveled Life

Exciting news! Last month in Seattle, we dedicated a lot of time to putting together this short promo video for North to South. Click the play button above to watch our video about our journey to a “road less traveled life,” and let us know what you think!

If you find our video inspiring, help spread the word! (Our video is on Facebook, too.)

Thanks for watching, sharing, and following. Happy travels!

Our Year in Review: An Epic 50-State Quest + Matching Our Old Income [2015]

North to South: Our Year in Review -- The Epic 50-State Quest + Matching Our Previous Income (2015)

Wow, 2015, you really outdid yourself. It’s amazing how much Ian and I accomplished in just one year’s time, continuing to build on and cross-promote our online business endeavors. We knew we had it in us, but this year we proved to ourselves that if we really stick with focusing on projects we believe in, great success will eventually come!

Have a look with us, as we review our major milestones and accomplishments in 2015!  Continue reading

10 More Reasons I’ll Never Regret Quitting My Job to Travel

10 More Reasons I'll Never Regret Quitting My Job to Travel

Last year I reflected on Ian’s and my decision to quit our jobs, kiss our ‘normal’ lives goodbye, and embrace the unknown as traveling entrepreneurs. The outcome of that reflection was 10 Reasons I’ll Never Regret Quitting My Job to Travel. Since then, we’ve collected another year’s worth of destinations, travel experiences, and business experiments which have all contributed to our ongoing happiness and success as nomadic business partners. This lifestyle has also resulted in positive health and happiness effects on me as an individual. So now, another year older (and wiser), I can add even more reasons to our original list.

After 1 year and 10 months of nomadic bliss — gosh, has it only been that long? — below are 10 additional reasons I’ll never regret taking the leap! Continue reading

Featured Travel Couple: Chris Tyre and Ismary Torres [Interview 6]

Nomadic Travel Couple Interview Series on North to South

It takes courage to quit a stable job and head out into the unknown. And it can take even more to do it without someone to hold your hand. So far in our interview series we’ve met couples who’ve decided to take the leap together — with the support of the other the whole way. But now you’re about to meet two travelers who did it alone! Their individual courage ultimately brought them together — you might say it was fate! — but these two individuals were successfully traveling solo before they met. Chris Tyre of Chicago, Illinois and Ismary Torres of Barcelona, Venezuela are proof that you can do this alone… and that you can meet amazing people (even that special someone) along the way.

Want to hear their story? Let’s begin with how these (formerly) solo travelers recently joined forces… just a few months back! Continue reading

Featured Travel Couple: Amy Dresser and Nathan Hartle of Two Drifters [Interview 5]

Travel Couple Interview Series on North to South Featuring Amy Dresser and Nathan Hartle

Meet Amy Dresser and Nathan Hartle: writers, travelers, and recently-engaged lovers (Congrats, you two!) behind Two Drifters.

As any nomad will tell you, sustainable travel is NOT about saving up money in advance. Sure, you should save a little, but more importantly, reducing your daily expenses will make the biggest impact on your success as a full-time traveler. And as you’ll discover, Amy and Nathan have that ALL figured out.  Find out how this pair of digital nomads achieved location independence without even planning on it in our interview below. But first, let’s let them introduce themselves!  Continue reading

Featured Travel Couple: Jenia Ustinova and Sergey Guryakov of House to Laos [Interview 4]

Travel Couple Interview Series on North to South Featuring Sergey and Jenia of House to Laos

Meet Jenia and Sergey, the location-independent pair behind House to Laos!

If there’s one thing I’ve personally learned from our travel couple interview series so far, it’s that everyone’s situation is unique. And this is a story we certainly haven’t heard yet. While most full-time travelers almost entirely give up life as they know it at home, Sergey and Jenia have proven that location independence is possible while also owning a home! So for you homeowners out there with traveling dreams: it IS possible. Read on to find out how!  Continue reading

Featured Travel Couple: Brandon Quittem and Anne Rapp of The Yoga Nomads [Interview 3]

Travel Couple Interview Series on North to South Featuring Brandon Quittem and Anne Rapp of The Yoga Nomads

Meet Brandon Quittem and Anne Rapp, a.k.a. The Yoga Nomads! 

Now approaching their 2-year travel-versary, this pair of nomadic yogis pushed health and happiness to the forefront when they decided to call it quits on American norms two summers back and began booking flights for their first destination. Today, they’re still roaming about (exploring the Pacific Northwest when we caught up with them for this interview), with a boatload of awesome experiences and a blog full of yoga-licious travel posts. (Check out their photos below and you’ll see what I mean.)

Ready for an intro to this couple’s yoga-infused nomadic lifestyle? Let’s let them say hello!  Continue reading

Proof that PHOTOS Make the Best Souvenirs: 9 Awesome Travel Portraits to Capture on Your Next Vacation

9 Awesome Travel Portraits and How to Capture Them on Your Next Vacation

Are you a serial souvenir collector? Always gotta grab something from the gift shop to remember your trip?

What if I told you there’s a better way to remember that vacation than shelling out money at souvenir stands? This trip, say no to souvenirs and take a more active (and fun) approach to capturing memories: photography.

Here we’ve put together a collection of our favorite travel photos, complete with how-to instructions for capturing a similar shot of your own. Whether you’re city-, beach-, or outdoor adventure-bound… we’ve got a photo idea for you. You DON’T have to be an expert photographer, either. Almost all of these shots are beginner-friendly.

So grab your camera and put on your best face for your very own vacation portrait shoot!  Continue reading