Introducing My Brand New Business, Boost Marketing: Hands-on Marketing for New Blogs and Small Businesses

Announcing Boost Marketing by Diana Southern

I studied advertising and graphic design in college, but I never had any interest in working for an agency. Crappy starting positions. Crappy pay. No fun. No thank you.

In my traditional working years, I opted for full-time in-house marketing gigs. I learned something from each, but my heart wasn’t in it because I wasn’t in charge. So my own marketing business has been a dream for a long time. The idea was born several years back, right after college graduation, but a full-time job and a multitude of other distractions placed my business idea on the back burner… until NOW.

If you’ve been pondering starting a business so you can live a nomadic lifestyle like us, you’ll want to read this! I’ve got some tips to share with you. Continue reading

Featured Travel Couple: Shannon and Michael Healey of Camera & Carry On [Interview 1]

Travel Couple Interview Series on North to South Featuring Shannon and Michael Healey of Camera and Carry On

It’s here! It’s here! Our exciting new traveling couples interview series is finally here! And have we got a cool couple to introduce you to first.

Meet Shannon and Michael Healey of Camera & Carry OnContinue reading

8 Simple Ways to Prepare Yourself NOW for a Full-Time Traveling Future

8 Simple Ways to Prepare Yourself NOW for a Full-Time Traveling Future

Dying to hit the road full-time but not quite ready to take the leap? Here are some easy ways to prepare yourself NOW — in your everyday life — for a future of full-time travel.

Some will take time, some you can finish in a few hours, but each will get you a BIG step closer to the day you can call it quits!  Continue reading

Announcing North to South’s New Traveling Couples Interview Series

North to South's Interview Series with Full-Time Traveling Couples

We’ve got something new and exciting scheduled for the next few months on North to South. It’s your chance to get an honest look at the lives of full-time traveling couples.

You’re Invited — to Meet Some Inspiring Traveling Couples!

WHAT: A series of interviews on North to South

WHEN: Starting next week — Monday, July 20th — with a new interview every 1-2 weeks

WITH WHOM: Real couples who quit their jobs to travel the world

FROM WHERE: America — to start — and later we’ll chat with some from other countries.

WHY: To inspire you (our readers), educate you about the full-time travel lifestyle, and provide realistic examples of what “the leap” looks like for real people  Continue reading

How to Make Money While You Travel

How to Make Money While You Travel on

Do you want the freedom to quit your job and live and travel where you please?

Ian and I did, and after having a serious discussion about the possibility, we planned carefully, saved substantially, and lived frugally to get started. Now we pour our hearts and souls into several online projects, making sure they’re profitable, enjoyable, and diverse enough to keep a roof over our heads, food in our bellies, and smiles on our faces.

We’ve already talked in detail about the other steps we took to prepare for our travel life, but the money-making part is what we’ll discuss in this post. If you want to realize a sustainable traveling life for yourself, you need to have a reliable source of income.

Here we’ll talk about three common approaches to making a living while traveling.  Continue reading

North to South’s Ultimate Road Trip Planner: Packing List — With Free Download!

North to South's Ultimate Road Trip Packing List with free printable PDF download

The open road. The fresh air. The opportunity to freely blast and belt out your favorite tunes as you explore lands previously unknown… The road trip is an experience everyone should have at least once in their life. And the effort you put into planning yours will greatly impact the memories you make.

If you’re like me and heading out Kerouac-style isn’t the approach you’d prefer — planless, penniless, thieving, and hitchhiking (yikes!) — then you should absolutely start with a list. Continue reading

Our List of Awesome: 5 Crazy Cool Moments From Our Lives This Past Month

Our List of Awesome: 5 Crazy Cool Moments from Our Lives this Past Month

A lot of exciting stuff has been happening to Ian and me this past month. Many of you already know about some things from following us on Facebook or being a Lonely Speck subscriber. (Thanks for your support!) But I still wanted to document all the neat things that are going on with Ian and me here on the blog. So I made a list!  Continue reading

Diana’s Nose Piercing at Ink Monkey Tattoo & Piercing (Los Angeles, USA) [Bucket List Item COMPLETE]

Diana's Nose Piercing by Thomas at Ink Monkey Tattoo and Piercing in Los Angeles, California

It was a busy day. I’d sung at least thirty rounds of the “hand-washing song,” created an hour’s worth of child’s flower crowns, and devoured the first Milky Way candy bar (it was cheat day!) that I’d tasted in as long as I can remember. We’d just finished volunteering with friends at the Arts and Literacy Festival in Santa Monica. But this was the moment I was waiting for.

I’ve wanted this since college, and I finally mustered the courage upon our latest return to Los Angeles. After two months abroad in Costa Rica and Mexico, we returned to the States with me itching for change. The day after our plane touched down, we hung out with a few of our best LA friends — two of which happened to have nose piercings — and I made my decision. I’d do it the next weekend, and for fun, they’d come too!

I hopped up, like a child visiting the dentist, onto the reclined chair that would support me while the needle went through. I chuckled as I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror — flower crown still in place — and leaned back in my seat to listen to an overview of the piercing steps and my only instructions: keep your eyes closed. Want to watch the gnarly video of my nose-piercing experience? YEAH ya do! Continue reading

We Got Liebster’d! 10 Questions Answered + Our 5 Nominees

Liebster Award on North to South

Well my, my… what do we have here? Looks like a Liebster Award nomination from the fantastic Tomy and Marina of Made in Moments. To the two of you: Thanks for nominating us! We shall accept and continue the Liebster tradition by passing the torch to 5 other bloggers (see who we’ve nominated below).

To our readers: You’re probably wondering just what exactly a Liebster Award is… In short, it’s a way for bloggers to support other bloggers by calling them out on their own blog and challenging them to answer a list of questions. Why should you read this post? It’s a great way for you to get to know us a little better, from our answers to the 10 questions Made in Moments has set forth for us! (Plus I’ve forced Ian to answer the questions, too, so you’ll be hearing thoughts directly from him for the first time EVER on this here blog.)

Read on for some fun facts about Ian and me, plus our list of Liebster nominees.  Continue reading

How to Be a 5-Star Host on Airbnb

How to Be a 5-Star Host on Airbnb

Want to give your Airbnb listing a boost? Attract more travelers with a 5-star hosting average! Whether you’re brand new to Airbnb or you’ve got some hosting experience under your belt, these tips can help. Just think, with a 5-star hosting average, you’ll be able to take your pick amongst all the inquiries that will roll in!

What other benefits are to be had from a 5-star rating? Well, just to name a few:

  • You can choose only well-reviewed travelers, if you prefer. (Everyone starts unreviewed on Airbnb, but experienced, well-reviewed travelers usually translate to a lower potential for unexpected “surprises” or issues.)
  • You can increase your prices. (Guests are often willing to pay a little extra to ensure they’re staying with a well-reviewed host.)
  • You can be nominated for special recognition in the Airbnb hosting community. (That means more bookings — and more money — for you!)

I wanna hold your hand! — Ensure you’ll get good reviews by following these easy guidelines. From your guest’s first inquiry through the time they submit their review, this list will handhold you through the process. Now let’s get started!  Continue reading