Shot of the Week: Desert Shenanigans (Jawbone Canyon, USA)

Shot of the Week: Christmas Tree Burn in Jawbone Canyon 2015

What do you get when you combine fire, truckloads of Christmas trees, ample libations, a 10-ball roman candle, Santa, a full-size school bus, an acoustic guitar, and a ton of people you know — plus even more you don’t know — summing up to a crowd of (probably) over 100 people? (Did anyone count?)

A recipe for disaster? Maybe. But we survived. And the answer’s not Burning Man, either. But it’s similar… (read on to find out!)

The above photo was taken with the Sony a7s and Sony E 10-18 f/4 OSS

On Saturday, January 24, Ian and I attended our friends’ annual Christmas Tree Burn out in Jawbone Canyon, California. What is the Tree Burn, you ask? Well, it starts like this: After Christmas, trees are collected en masse (like The Grinch, but polite enough to wait ’til the holiday’s through). They’re then bundled and stored for almost a full month before being trucked 117 long miles from LA to the desert to create one epic fire that will burn from dusk til sunrise. And it’s not just the fire that draws the crowd. Jawbone is a desert wasteland of sorts, which makes it the perfect setting for dirt bikes, gunfire, and the inevitability that at least one person will try to jump over the fire this year.

Other shenanigans from this year’s tree burn may or may not be documented in a video to be released at a later date. If you want to see a video, please feel welcome to make a racket in the comments at the bottom.

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2 Replies to “Shot of the Week: Desert Shenanigans (Jawbone Canyon, USA)”

  1. Video of people doing possibly dumb things with dirt bikes, guns, and fire? Sounds like my kind of video. =)

    But seriously, really nice shot.

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