Announcing North to South’s New Traveling Couples Interview Series

North to South's Interview Series with Full-Time Traveling Couples

We’ve got something new and exciting scheduled for the next few months on North to South. It’s your chance to get an honest look at the lives of full-time traveling couples.

You’re Invited — to Meet Some Inspiring Traveling Couples!

WHAT: A series of interviews on North to South

WHEN: Starting next week — Monday, July 20th — with a new interview every 1-2 weeks

WITH WHOM: Real couples who quit their jobs to travel the world

FROM WHERE: America — to start — and later we’ll chat with some from other countries.

WHY: To inspire you (our readers), educate you about the full-time travel lifestyle, and provide realistic examples of what “the leap” looks like for real people 

First Up On Our Interview List

This month we’ll launch our travel couples interview series with two cool traveling American couples — both with blogs I personally follow:

Shannon and Michael Healey (Camera & Carry On)

First up is this Boston-based married duo who called it quits in October 2013 with a carefully-budgeted plan to spend six months traveling the world full time.

They’ve since settled stateside with their adorable dog Sumo, working as an Creative Director (Michael) and Graphic Designer (Shannon) and blogging about making travel a part of everyday life.

Look for our interview with Shannon and Michael next week here on North to South!

A photo posted by Anna (@slightlyastray) on

Anna Ge and Daniel Relich (Slightly Astray)

Next up is Anna and Daniel. I’ve been following Anna for almost a year now, since we found each other in the blogosphere and discovered we’d coincidentally both jumped ship from our full-time LA jobs at almost exactly the same time (just one month apart).

In her own words, Anna’s “an ordinary girl who meets boy with extraordinary dreams. What’s a girl to do? Quit her job and travel the world, of course!”

While I’ve followed their latest travel adventures (from Anna’s perspective) throughout Asia and on to Europe, I know fewer details about Daniel (her boyfriend and travel partner) and how they fund their adventures, so I can’t wait to learn more about this couple!

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