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Photography is a full-time hobby for us. Regardless of destination, it’s the one activity we’re guaranteed to engage in. Wildlife, landscapes, the Milky Way… these are just a few of our favorite travel photography subjects. We’re constantly swapping out cameras, testing new lenses, trying new software, and even developing some of our own camera gear. And we’re taking a LOT of photos in the process!

Since we take more photos than we know what to do with, we decided to share some of our best photos with our readers for free. Need a new desktop background? Print for your living room? Something wanderlust-y for the office? Download one of these!

Free For Personal Use

The following photos are FREE for personal use!

Things to Do in Alaska: Get a Close-up Look at Wildlife at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center

Wildlife: coming soon


Night Sky: coming soon

Landscape: coming soon

Portrait: coming soon

Blogger Use

You’re welcome to use the above photos on your blog or personal website, provided that you (1) let us know you’ll be using it for this purpose and (2) provide credit and a link — e.g. photo credit: North to South — wherever the photo appears on your site.

Commercial Licensing

Most of our photos are available for commercial licensing. Please contact us for pricing.

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