[4HB DIET UPDATE] One Month In: Ian’s Ab Muscles Have Reappeared, and Diana’s Thighs are Shrinking!

4-Hour Body One Month Results: Shrinking Thighs and Reappearing Abs on the Slow-Carb Diet

The results are in, and the news is good! It’s been just over 4 weeks since we began our 4-Hour Body Diet endeavor, so it’s time for a quick update. We’re measuring our progress by weight, circumference and photo comparison, and all three say the diet is working.

Read on for our progress report and our opinions on the diet after faithfully following it (well… mostly) for one full month.  Continue reading

Getting Started on the 4-Hour Body Slow Carb Diet: Weight and Inches Lost in Week One!

Week One on the 4-Hour Body Diet: Weight and Inches Already Lost!

I’m not a big Tim Ferriss fan. I tried SO HARD to read The 4-Hour Workweek about a year back, but I just couldn’t make myself finish it. The content wasn’t terrible. And I’m sure he’s got plenty of readers who worship him. But in my opinion, he sounds like a cocky jackass.

So why the hell are we trying his diet?

In Ferriss’s series of “4-Hour” books is The 4-Hour Body, a book on “rapid fat loss, incredible sex and becoming superhuman.” He provides a diet plan in the book, which we’ve decided to try for four main reasons:

  1. We got fat last month in Mexico. Too much yum.
  2. Ian had read the book before and considered trying it, making it a less foreign idea when I recently read another travel blogger’s post about the diet.
  3. The diet focuses on losing fat, not just losing weight.*
  4. Cheat Day

Note: I much preferred the similarly-themed The $100 Startup by Chris Guillebeau to Ferriss’s The 4-Hour Workweek. The tone is inspirational rather than snarky and antagonizing.

*This is the most important point for me. I don’t want to just lose weight willy-nilly. I’d like to knock out the extra fat. I haven’t “dieted” since we started traveling because I haven’t seen the need to. My weight’s stayed at a healthy level over the past year. But since I quit my job to start traveling, I no longer ride my bike to work every day. I no longer nearly effortlessly achieve a toned body from my commute. So I wanted to do something about it. And here we are.  Continue reading