“Baaa”-haha! These sheep make me laugh

Video: "Baaa"-haha - These sheep make me laugh

On the second of the two days my brothers were visiting us in Berlin, Germany, we happened upon the Berlin Zoo.  We arrived around 3 in the afternoon, which, lucky for us, seemed to be feeding time for all the animals!

Literally within 60 seconds of entering the zoo, we were greeted by a rhino taking a huge post-meal poo.  We saw hippos chowing down on some grass and carrots, fruit-eating bats(!!!), massive birds tossing mice in the air and gulping them down whole, giraffes chewing on leaves, a sloth bear working all the mysterious pink food goo out of the crevices of a rock, a variety of monkeys swinging around and playing with their food, and maybe the best part: these hilarious (or awful?) sounding sheep.

Bring your coins, ladies and gentlemen. You’ll want to buy some food to feed these things and get them to shut up!

At €13 per adult ticket, I’d say the price was worth it. (Did I mention there’s WOLVES, too? One of those scored itself a crow!)

…though I still can’t decide if this is the worst or most hilarious sound I’ve ever heard come from an animal. What do you think?

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