Learn Basic German

German Greetings, Goodbyes + Introductions

Hallo – Hello
Guten Morgen – Good morning
Guten Tag – Good day / Good afternoon
Auf Wiedersehen – Goodbye
Gute nacht – Good night
Ich bin _______.  –  I am __________.
Wie ist Ihr Name?  –  What’s your name? Continue reading

Travelers Guide to Berlin: What to Do, Where to Stay, and How to Get Around in Berlin

Berliner Dom (Berlin Cathedral) Berlin, Germany on northtosouth.us
Above: Berliner Dom (Berlin Cathedral), Berlin, Germany

Berlin was our second month-long destination after calling it quits on our normal working lives. We arrived in Berlin during springtime to flowers blooming, birds chirping and 70° weather — a welcome change, coming from Norway! A city with history, there’s a lot to explore in Berlin. Read on for the travel advice we compiled during our month-long adventure here.  Continue reading