What to Pack for the Galápagos Islands

What to Pack for the Galápagos Islands

If there’s one thing we learned about the weather in the Galápagos, it’s that the sun is very hot along the equator!

We weren’t fully prepared when we arrived on the Islands, so we had to shop for some items there. Here we’re sharing our detailed packing list for the Galápagos so you’ll be ready for your trip!

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Burning Man Packing List for Two Burners in a Tiny Car

Burning Man Packing List: Two Burners in a Tiny Car

Driving a small car to Burning Man? That’s what we did for our last two Burns, and it certainly posed some packing challenges for our week-long camping trip in the dusty playa. If you’re wondering what you can reasonably pack for two people in that tiny car you own, take a look at our Burning Man packing list to find out!

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Two Months, Twelve Countries, One Bag: How We Backpacked Light in Europe

Two Months, Twelve Countries, One Bag: How We Backpacked Light in Europe

Ian and I just returned from an amazing 2-month trip to Europe. We visited 12 countries in our “road less traveled” style, planning a flexible route on a reasonable schedule and budget, staying mostly at Airbnbs with some hotel stays mixed in between. And we packed only one medium-sized backpack each, weighing in at just 17 pounds (8 kg).

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North to South’s Ultimate Road Trip Planner: Packing List — With Free Download!

North to South's Ultimate Road Trip Packing List with free printable PDF download

The open road. The fresh air. The opportunity to freely blast and belt out your favorite tunes as you explore lands previously unknown… The road trip is an experience everyone should have at least once in their life. And the effort you put into planning yours will greatly impact the memories you make.

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Intro to Packing Containers: Organize Your Carry-On in 4 Steps! (from StylishTravelGirl.com)

Intro to Packing Containers: Organize Your Carry-On in 4 Steps

*This article originally appeared on my new blog, Stylish Travel Girl: A Fashionable Travel Community, and has been modified for the North to South audience.

Nothing lets you customize your packing strategy more easily than the packing container; they come in nearly every shape and size imaginable! Earlier this year (before we owned packing cubes) Ian and I completed a 3-month Europe trip and shared one carry-on bag between the two of us. That is something I NEVER plan to do again — without the help of some packing containers, that is.

We’ve scoured the web and compiled our personal packing experience to bring you the very best packing container solutions for staying organized as a carry-on traveler. Packing cubes, garment folders, jewelry organizers… the gang’s all here! Never used a packing cube before? You just might fall in love. Read on to discover the best container combination to suit your personal carry-on packing needs.  Continue reading

High Sierra Wheeled Carry-On: A versatile, highly transportable bag with straps (tested in Europe!)

High Sierra Wheeled Carry-On on northtosouth.us

Getting ready for a big trip but don’t want to check your luggage? Travel carry-on!  It’s a much simpler way to travel, and now that checked bag fees are so common, it’ll save you money, too.  Continue reading