Shot of the Week: Cookie Decorating Day (Los Angeles, USA)

cookie decorating day

This past weekend, Ian and I joined some friends in LA for a day of festive cookie decorating. We frosted several gingerbread cookies and attempted to make the Quick and Easy Snowy Chocolate Pinecones from (scroll down to see how that turned out). We had a great time getting crafty and catching up with friends at the same time!

The above photo was taken with the Sony a7s and Sony 55mm f/1.8 lens. 


About those pinecones… It was pretty difficult to get them to turn out like the pictures, but we sure had a good laugh while making them. And then I laughed some more when I put together this original “NAILED IT” meme (below). Should the creator of our pinecone pictured at the bottom wish to come forward for his claim to fame, I’ll let him do it himself in the comments. 🙂

NAILED IT: Quick and Easy Snowy Pinecones

I hope you enjoyed this shot of the week!  Check back next week or subscribe on the right for more photos and videos from our travels.

This post was handcrafted for you during our travels in Los Angeles.

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    1. Yes, it was either the lawn mower or a hungry squirrel that got to it! Thanks for the great tutorial, Sandra! 😀

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