Our List of Awesome: 5 Crazy Cool Moments From Our Lives This Past Month

Our List of Awesome: 5 Crazy Cool Moments from Our Lives this Past Month

A lot of exciting stuff has been happening to Ian and me this past month. Many of you already know about some things from following us on Facebook or being a Lonely Speck subscriber. (Thanks for your support!) But I still wanted to document all the neat things that are going on with Ian and me here on the blog. So I made a list! 

5 Crazy Cool Moments From Our Lives This Past Month

We’re not so productive every month, but we’ve had loads to celebrate lately. Check out our 5 latest accomplishments!

On Photographing the Milky Way short film

1. Our Work Featured on National Geographic

National Geographic contacted us last month to request our permission to include On Photographing the Milky Way (a short film by us) in their Short Film Showcase. Several weeks after it went live on their site, they posted it as their Video of the Day on Facebook, and it got a CRAZY amount of likes and shares (click to see the latest number) — like way more than their other posts, for as far down their timeline as I bothered to scroll.


Ian Norman and Diana Southern with new friends in Mexico
Ian and Diana with new friends Lu, Rodrigo and Mónica in México

2. Ian’s Milky Way Photos On Public Display

We met some seriously cool people in Mexico City last month, one of which got three of Ian’s Milky Way photos printed and displayed in beautiful light boxes in a lovely little gallery called Dolcenero in Mexico City. It’s the first time Ian’s photography has been on public display! View photos of the exhibit here.


Levitation photography class on Skillshare by Ian Norman

3. Our Levitation Class is “Trendy”

Our latest Skillshare class on Levitation Photography launched on Monday, and it’s been on their homepage in “Trending Classes” since. We’re giving away free enrollments to all of our blog followers. Just follow this link to see some sample levitation photos and an overview of our experience making the class, and then scroll to the bottom for the free enrollment link (available through May 31, 2015).


"Not all those who wander are lost" travel quote on Milky Way background

4. Cool Creative Collaborations

I’m potentially going to be on a book cover (one of Ian’s photos of me silhouetted in front of the Milky Way), and Ian’s timelapse footage is going to be incorporated into the live performances of an extremely talented and creative violinist named Lindsey Stirling. Pretty cool, huh? The footage will be projected when she plays this song on her upcoming tour. Another cool video of hers here.


Diana Southern, travel blogger, levitating

5. North to South Reached 100 Subscribers!

I know that doesn’t sound like a lot, but 100 email subscribers has been a goal of mine for awhile, and I’m excited I finally reached it. (Plus if you’re one of those 100, now you know you’re pretty unique!)  A special thanks to all of you. P.S. If you’re new here, click here to subscribe.

On top of all that, we just started our 2015 road trip! We’re having fun exploring the southwestern U.S. right now, and I’m excited to see where this trip takes us next!

Thanks for reading and sharing in celebrating our accomplishments! Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for snapshots of what we encounter on the road.

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