Burning Man 2018: Portraits of a Camp

Burning Man 2018: Portraits of a Camp

Twenty-six. The only integer that is one greater than a square and one less than a cube, the number of spacetime dimensions in bosonic string theory, and the number of faces in a rhombicuboctahedron (thanks, Wikipedia). That’s how many people were in our Burning Man camp this year — double our numbers from burns past!

Despite our camp’s monstrous growth, however, we managed to keep our important camp traditions intact. Nightly camp dinners, the Da Vinci bar, and our biannual camp photoshoot all brought us together per usual, and some awesome new additions made 2018 even more special.

Could we have done without our recycling queen, that handy megaphone, or our unplanned (but ridiculously delicious) Sunday meat feast? Of course — but it sure wouldn’t have been as memorable without each and every campmate that made up this year’s Prosciutto Bay.

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Burning Man Packing List for Two Burners in a Tiny Car

Burning Man Packing List: Two Burners in a Tiny Car

Driving a small car to Burning Man? That’s what we did for our last two Burns, and it certainly posed some packing challenges for our week-long camping trip in the dusty playa. If you’re wondering what you can reasonably pack for two people in that tiny car you own, take a look at our Burning Man packing list to find out!

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Burning Man 2016: Portraits of a Camp

Burning Man 2016: Portraits of a Camp by Diana Southern and Ian Norman

I say this every year, but I say it because it’s true. The people are what makes Burning Man such an incredible experience — friends and strangers alike. I don’t know what my Burn would have been this year without that group spiral hug at the Hug Deli, the helpful strangers who lowered me back down from that MAGIC artpiece I climbed, or the hilarious nude portraits we captured of some of our spontaneously sparkly friends.

In my three years of burning, I’ve found it’s the people closest to you — your campmates — who have the biggest impact on your Burn. You camp together, eat together, explore together. You experience Burning Man together. So this year we again turned the spotlight on our campmates for a sunset portrait session in the open playa.

With 14 Burners, ample booze, and a brief appearance by “El Guaco” (I still can’t believe I missed that), Ian and I did our best to capture the spirit of our Burner family on camera.  Continue reading

[VIDEO] Just Released: Burning Man 2014 Caravansary — Now Who’s Ready for Burning Man 2015?

A year has passed since last year’s burn, so it was high time we buckled down and finally edited our footage from Burning Man 2014. And with Burning Man 2015 starting tomorrow, maybe the timing is perfect after all. Hope you enjoy!

Burning Man 2014 Video by Ian Norman

Cameras: Sony a7S | Sony a6000

Lenses: Sony E 20mm f/2.8 | Voigtlander 21mm f/4 Color Skopar | Voigtlander 40mm f/1.4 Nokton

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Burning Man 2014: In Dust We Trust (Photos From A Dusty Playa)

Burning Man 2014: In Dust We Trust - Photos of a Dusty Playa

A Photographical Tour through the Dusty Playa of Burning Man 2014

Despite our 2 mask-free days after the rain gods asserted their rule over the land, the dust surely took flight with vigor for the second half of this year’s burn. Continue reading

Burning Man 2014: Portraits of a Camp

Burning Man 2014: Portraits of a Camp on northtosouth.us

It’s been one week since our return to the Default World, so it’s high time for some Burning Man photo sharing here on the blog. Our fellow burners are mostly what makes Black Rock City feel like home, so it’s only appropriate that our first Burning Man recap highlights the people.

Sunset photo shoots with our burner friends have become tradition after a second successful year of playa portraits. When the light’s just right, Ian grabs his camera and we round up anyone in ear shot. From year to year our camp roster may change but never fails to express its wild and friendly spirit during these spontaneous photo excursions into the dust.

Burning Man 2014 sunset portraits on the playa on northtosouth.us Burning Man 2014 sunset portraits on the playa on northtosouth.us Burning Man 2014 sunset male portraits on the playa on northtosouth.us

So, from Ian and I to our fellow campmates and friends (and our fondly yet peculiarly named camp), this one’s for you.

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How to Dress for Burning Man

How to Dress for Burning Man on northtosouth.us

The man burns in 11 days. With a planned arrival in Black Rock City one week from today, we’re finishing up our costumes for this year’s burn. Since costume planning is my favorite part of preparation for Burning Man, I figured I’d share it here to go along with my recent post How to Prepare for Burning Man. Continue reading

How to Prepare for Burning Man

How To Prepare for Burning Man on northtosouth.us

[NOTE: This post was written prior to Burning Man 2014, but all the steps below still apply, year after year. Have a great burn, everyone.]

16 days til the man burns. That means less than two weeks to finish prepping for our week-long journey into radical self reliance and expression in the playa of Black Rock City. (If you’re not familiar with this exquisitely unique festival, read more here.)

When prepping for Burning Man, careful planning helps keep Walmart trips, Amazon orders and overall expenses to a minimum. These next two weeks we’ll be sharing our preparation process right here for your reading pleasure. Organization is key, so I’m splitting up the whole charade into easy-to-follow (but very thorough) steps. Continue reading