Portraits of a Gang: The Elk at Lone Elk Park (St. Louis, Missouri)

Lone Elk Park in St. Louis Missouri on northtosouth.us

Did you know a group of elk is called a gang? (I didn’t until I looked it up 30 seconds ago.)

Back in June, Ian and I took a road trip across the western U.S. to my hometown of St. Louis, Missouri. And while we were there I took him to one of my favorite places in the area: Lone Elk Park. When I used to go as a kid, we’d see maybe one or two each time we drove through. And rarely any bison. But this time, I made sure we drove down all the side roads to visit every nook and cranny of the park.

I’m glad we did, too, because we found most of these gangly fellows after turning off the main park road. Below are several elk portraits we took during our visit. Hope you enjoy!

Elk at Lone Elk Park

Elk at Lone Elk Park

Elk at Lone Elk Park

Elk with antlers at Lone Elk Park

Those are some beefy looking antlers!

Elk at Lone Elk Park

This was one of our last trips with our Fuji X-T1… Looking through these photos makes me kind of miss it. But I am very happy with my marmot video from last week at Mt Rainier NP.

As Exciting as it Gets

Check out this extremely uneventful video of this elk at the park.

While Lone Elk County Park admittedly isn’t a super exciting place, I definitely wouldn’t call it boring. It’s a fantastic opportunity to see these animals up close!

I should note that we did see a bison rolling (eeee!), but I couldn’t get the camera out in time to capture it. Oh well, next time! Here’s a photo of one of his friends, instead.

Bison at Lone Elk Park

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