Learn Basic Italian

Italian Greetings, Goodbyes + Introductions

Ciao – Hello / Goodbye
Buongiorno – Good morning / Good day
Arrivederci – Goodbye
Buonanotte – Good night
Mi chiamo _______.  –  My name is __________.  /  I am called __________.
Come ti chiami?  –  What’s your name? Continue reading

Learn Basic German

German Greetings, Goodbyes + Introductions

Hallo – Hello
Guten Morgen – Good morning
Guten Tag – Good day / Good afternoon
Auf Wiedersehen – Goodbye
Gute nacht – Good night
Ich bin _______.  –  I am __________.
Wie ist Ihr Name?  –  What’s your name? Continue reading

Travelers Guide to Berlin: What to Do, Where to Stay, and How to Get Around in Berlin

Berliner Dom (Berlin Cathedral) Berlin, Germany on northtosouth.us
Above: Berliner Dom (Berlin Cathedral), Berlin, Germany

Berlin was our second month-long destination after calling it quits on our normal working lives. We arrived in Berlin during springtime to flowers blooming, birds chirping and 70° weather — a welcome change, coming from Norway! A city with history, there’s a lot to explore in Berlin. Read on for the travel advice we compiled during our month-long adventure here.  Continue reading

Learn Basic Norwegian

Norwegian Greetings, Goodbyes + Introductions

Hallo – Hello
Hei – Hi
God morgen – Good morning
Ha det bra – Goodbye
God natt – Good night
Jeg heter _______.  –  My name is __________.  /  I am called __________.
Hyggelig a møte deg. – Nice to meet you.
Hva heter du?  –  What’s your name? Continue reading

Intro to Fjord Norway: What to Do, Where to Stay, and How to Plan for a Trip to Norway

Sailing in Stord, Fjord Norway on northtosouth.us
Above: Leirvik Marina, Stord, Norway

This first month after quitting my job to travel the world, Norway greeted us with open arms. Beautiful scenery, friendly people, and loads of opportunities to enjoy the outdoors made March a pleasantly memorable first month of freedom. Read on for our tips on traveling to Fjord Norway!  Continue reading