7 Detour-Worthy Destinations in Europe

7 Detour-Worthy Destinations in Europe

Swans, castles, secluded lakes… green meadows sprinkled with wildflowers. These European destinations are the stuff of fairytales, but they require a bit of extra effort to reach them.

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Our Favorite Places

Our Favorite Places in the Whole World on North to South

Living the life of a digital nomad sparks a lot of interesting conversation. We do our fair share of chatting about blogging, self employment, what traveling together full-time is like, and how to make money while traveling.

But actually the question we’re asked most has nothing to do with making a living while traveling.

Everyone wants to know which, of all the destinations we’ve visited, is our favorite. Since our answer to this question is ever-evolving and we can never pick one absolute best, here we share the five destinations that currently top our listContinue reading

Our Spring 2016 Europe Trip Itinerary

North to South's Spring Europe Trip Itinerary

We’re going to Europe! Well actually, we’re already in Europe, but we’ve just finished planning our two-month Europe trip. We’re visiting (at least) 12 countries and 21 cities on our trip. Below, find our itinerary for our spring trip (April 20 – June 24, 2016), and let us know if you’re planning a trip to (or have recommendations for) any of these destinations. We love chatting about travel plans!

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Venice, Italy

Venice, Italy on northtosouth.us

Venice, Italy on northtosouth.us

May 7, 2014


After recently living in Venice, California, Ian and I were excited to see the real Venice! During our stay in Eraclea Mare, we took a one-day trip to Venice.

Venice, Italy Sea View
Above: Gondola dock in Venice, Italy
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Lake Como, Italy: A Day Trip from Milan

Lake Como, Italy on northtosouth.us

During our two-week stay in Milan, we took a day trip to Como, following the recommendations of several Italian locals we’ve met on our trip. And what good advice it was! A nice change from the hustling city, Como had a relaxing feeling in the air.

Lake Como, Italy on northtosouth.us
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San Marino: Castle Country in the Clouds

San Marino: Castle Country in the Clouds

With stone towers and walls surrounding its heart and sites on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 2008, the Republic of San Marino holds the claim to being the world’s oldest sovereign state and constitutional government. Continue reading

A Monumental Cemetery in Milan: A Photo Journey

Cimitero Monumentale, Milan, Italy

Massive monuments and intricate statues make the Monumental Cemetery in Milan a pretty cool place to be buried. Plus there’s a cemetery cat who snuck into a few of our photos! Continue reading

Learn Basic Italian

Italian Greetings, Goodbyes + Introductions

Ciao – Hello / Goodbye
Buongiorno – Good morning / Good day
Arrivederci – Goodbye
Buonanotte – Good night
Mi chiamo _______.  –  My name is __________.  /  I am called __________.
Come ti chiami?  –  What’s your name? Continue reading

Bologna, Italy

Bologna, Italy
Above: Basilica di San Petronio, Bologna, Italy


May 9, 2014


We spent an evening strolling around Bologna, taking in the historical buildings and streets and medieval towers.

(This post is in progress. Check back soon for more!)


You can read more about Bologna, Italy on Wikipedia.

Bologna’s tourism site offers a three-hour itinerary for seeing the heart of the city.