U.S. Road Trip Re-Cap: Week Nineteen (Maryland, West Virginia and Kentucky)

U.S. Road Trip Re-Cap: Week Nineteen -- Maryland, Delaware, West Virginia and Kentucky on northtosouth.us

We may have crossed several state borders, multiple times, but we spent most of our time in West Virginia and Kentucky this week. Starry skies, friendly goats, and lakeside camping made this week memorably awesome!

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U.S. Road Trip Re-Cap: Week Eighteen (Niagara Falls to Washington D.C.)

North to South U.S. road trip recap week eighteen

I can’t even express what a good time we had riding the Maid of the Mist around Niagara Falls! Who knew you could have so much fun being soaking wet?

Niagara Falls has been on my Must See list forever, so when we left the Adirondacks, we headed west to experience the cool mist on a hot day. It was perfect. And after that it was back to the East Coast to finish off the week in our nation’s capital.

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North to South’s Quick Guide to Niagara Falls (New York, USA)

A Quick Guide to Niagara Falls: things to do, when to go, where to park, and more!

Planning your first visit to Niagara Falls? You’re in for a treat! Niagara Falls is one of the most fun, unique places we’ve ever visited in the U.S.

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Escape Campervans Review: Los Angeles to Death Valley (and why we don’t recommend Escape Campervans)

Escape Campervans Review and Our Trip to Death Valley

Let’s visit a popular U.S. National Park in peak season at the last minute! Yeah, that sounds like our travel style. And that’s how our conversation started two weeks back when we decided we had to see the Death Valley Superbloom.

All advance reservations for park accommodations were full. We could try our luck at a first-come first-served campsite, but we didn’t really feel up to tent camping this trip. So we decided to try something new: the rental campervan.

Despite paying more than we should have (no thanks to Escape), we had a good time on our trip. Want to know what the campervan life is like? Keep reading to find out! (More on why we don’t recommend Escape Campervans, too.) Continue reading

The Superbloom of Death Valley National Park: A Photo Journal (California, USA)

Death Valley Superbloom Spring 2016 on North to South: a Photo Journal

After receiving substantially more rain than typical in the 2015-2016 winter season, Death Valley National Park is experiencing a rare “superbloom” of wildflowers. The last superbloom event was 11 years ago, in 2005.  Since missing this year’s superbloom could mean waiting another decade or more before it happens again, we knew we had to go see this rare event.
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U.S. Road Trip Re-Cap: Weeks Sixteen & Seventeen (Maine to the Adirondacks)

North to South U.S. road trip recap week sixteen-seventeen

Ahhh, the Adirondacks. These two weeks were probably the most peaceful of our whole 50-state trip. Completely unplanned — as are most of our favorite trip highlights — we enjoyed a two-week stay in a private cabin at Adirondack Woodcraft Camps. We’d received the invitation from a new friend we met in Acadia National Park the previous week, and I’m glad we took him up on the offer!

Read on for the serene lake settings and wooded wanderings from our stay in the Adirondacks this summer, plus snapshots from our journey there.

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U.S. Road Trip Re-Cap: Week Fifteen (Exploring the Northeastern Coast)

North to South U.S. road trip recap week fifteen

In contrast to our urban existence in NYC last week, week fifteen was filled with shorelines and seafood. Mystic Seaport, Cape Cod, Boston, and Bar Harbor were on the itinerary this week. We hit the easternmost point of the U.S. in Lubec, Maine, and since the Canadian border was so close by, we pulled out our passports to explore Campobello Island, too.

Read on for photos and details of our eastern coastal road trip experience, from Connecticut to Campobello Island and (almost) everywhere in between!

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U.S. Road Trip Re-Cap: Week Fourteen (Hershey to New York City) — HALFWAY TO 50 STATES!

North to South U.S. road trip recap week fourteen

At week fourteen, we officially reached the halfway mark of our 50-state quest. We departed Pittsburgh and set out for New York City, with a one-day stop in Hershey, Pennsylvania in between.

Being my first time in NYC, we played the tourist game and saw all the popular sites — most of which were easy to see for free! Read on to find out more about our week in The Big Apple, plus our “sweet” stop in the Chocolate Capital of the U.S.

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Big Island Diving with Kona Diving Company (Kona, Hawaii, USA)

Diving on Hawaii's Big Island with Kona Diving Company

If you’re a diver or if you’ve ever looked into getting certified, then you’re well aware that diving is an expensive hobby.

And since we’d been on a strict budget for a year after quitting our jobs to travel, we hadn’t been diving in two whole years! This being my first visit to Hawaii’s Big Island, I was absolutely dying to do the manta ray night dive. But first, it was time for a refresher.  Continue reading

Cliff Jumping at South Point (Big Island, Hawaii, USA)

Cliff jumping at the southernmost point in the U.S. -- South Point, Hawaii's Big Island

I’m afraid of heights, so when we started talking about visiting South Point, I didn’t think I’d be jumping off any cliffs. I just wanted to see the southernmost point of the U.S.

But one thing led to another, and the next thing I knew I was splashing into the water. It was absolutely terrifying. But also exhilarating. And I don’t regret it one bit!

Thinking of trying cliff jumping yourself? Find out what you’re in for here!

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