Our Travel Essentials: Our Favorite Travel Gear, Gadgets and Wear

Our Travel Essentials: our favorite travel gear, gadgets and wear

Packing is all about prioritization… identifying what you don’t need to make room for what you do. Despite our destination, when we’re paring down our packing list, this stuff always makes the cut!

Read on to find out what items keep us well-organized, working efficiently, and exploring comfortably on our travels. Are any of these items on your packing list?  Continue reading

20 Holiday Gift Ideas for Women & Men Who Love to Travel

list of travel-themed gift ideas for Christmas, birthday, or any occasion

The winter holiday season is upon us, and with it comes the question I’ve always had a difficult time answering: “What do you want for Christmas?”

And this year I think it’s the hardest.  Continue reading

Intro to Packing Containers: Organize Your Carry-On in 4 Steps! (from StylishTravelGirl.com)

Intro to Packing Containers: Organize Your Carry-On in 4 Steps

*This article originally appeared on my new blog, Stylish Travel Girl: A Fashionable Travel Community, and has been modified for the North to South audience.

Nothing lets you customize your packing strategy more easily than the packing container; they come in nearly every shape and size imaginable! Earlier this year (before we owned packing cubes) Ian and I completed a 3-month Europe trip and shared one carry-on bag between the two of us. That is something I NEVER plan to do again — without the help of some packing containers, that is.

We’ve scoured the web and compiled our personal packing experience to bring you the very best packing container solutions for staying organized as a carry-on traveler. Packing cubes, garment folders, jewelry organizers… the gang’s all here! Never used a packing cube before? You just might fall in love. Read on to discover the best container combination to suit your personal carry-on packing needs.  Continue reading

Sony a6000 Review: A Stylish Travel Camera (from StylishTravelGirl.com)

Sony a6000 Review: A Stylish Travel Camera

*This article originally appeared on my new blog, Stylish Travel Girl.

I’ve been experimenting with a variety of camera set-ups the last few years. (Since Ian’s a photographer, the opportunity to try new camera gear is always there.) For me, the Sony a6000 takes the cake. It’s got all the right bells and whistles — no tacky gimmicks — and is an easy-to-use, fashionable tool for documenting my travels.  Continue reading

High Sierra Wheeled Carry-On: A versatile, highly transportable bag with straps (tested in Europe!)

High Sierra Wheeled Carry-On on northtosouth.us

Getting ready for a big trip but don’t want to check your luggage? Travel carry-on!  It’s a much simpler way to travel, and now that checked bag fees are so common, it’ll save you money, too.  Continue reading

Merrell Decora Chant: Keep your toes toasty in cold climates with this boot (tested in Norway!)

Merrell Decora Chant winter boots on northtosouth.us

Merrell Women’s Decora Chant Waterproof Winter Boot

Seasons to Wear ‘Em: fall, winter + spring

When you’re a minimalist traveler shopping for shoes, quality is extremely important. Early this year, I needed boots for a trip to Norway. They had to withstand cold temps, rain, and possibly snow. I’ve never put as much effort into a shoe search than I did for these boots. And my efforts were well rewarded. I found myself a warm, waterproof, quality boot that was also stylish! Continue reading

Happy Feet, Happy Travel: 4 Perfect Shoes for the Active Female Traveler

Happy Feet, Happy Travel: 4 Perfect Shoes for the Active Female Traveler on northtosouth.us

Early this year, Ian and I decided to embark on a full-time travel adventure (and we’re still going). In order to make our transition as simple as possible, we decided to get rid of most of our stuff. I knew I had a lot of clothes in general, but as I was filling up donation boxes I was quite surprised at how many shoes I’d accumulated during my always-on-the-go life. I had a go-to pair for any situation.  You ladies know how it goes. A few pairs I’d never even worn. Some shoes I’d worn a little too often, but they were too comfortable to replace. Many I hadn’t worn in a year or more, but since I always had plenty of closet space, I never felt the need to part with them.

I needed to “pare” down my pairs. I now own 4 pairs of shoes that I take on my travels. With these shoes, I’m covered for 99% of the conditions I’ve surrounded myself in. Versatile. Comfortable. Stylish. In a word: perfection. Continue reading

Our 5 Essentials for Sleeping Easy on a Summer Camping Trip

Our 5 Essentials for Sleeping Easy on a Summer Camping Trip on northtosouth.us

Summer is one of the best seasons to experience nature and camp in the great outdoors. But Mother Nature can be brutal if you’re not prepared.

We’ve tried TONS of camping gear over the years, and below you’ll find a concise collection of our favorites — only the tried-and-true gear that consistently provides us a restful sleep in the great outdoors. Continue reading

The Best Gift for the “Road Less Traveled” Traveler

The Best Gift for the 'Road Less Traveled' Traveler: ACR ResQLink Personal Locator Beacon on northtosouth.us
Traveling off the beaten path? Pack this.

Whether you yourself are traveling off the beaten path or you know someone who frequently is, this may just be the best purchase you make in your life.

ACR ResQLink Personal Locator Beacon on northtosouth.us

A gift from Ian’s parents, our ResQLink was waiting for us when we returned to California after our recent two-week road trip across the Western U.S.

Continue reading