Hanna Mia’s Icelandic Music and Storytelling: The best reviewed experience in Iceland lives up to its ratings

Icelandic Music and Storytelling with Hanna Mia

There’s a reason why Hanna Mia Brekkan’s Icelandic Music and Storytelling experience is the best rated Iceland experience on Airbnb. Higher in the ranks than snorkeling in Silfra and the most popular food and photo walks in Reykjavik is the intimate concert and conversation offered by Icelandic singer and songwriter Hanna Mia.

Update: If this experience is sold out, check availability for her new experience for private groups: Fermented Shark and Indie Music.

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How to Be a 5-Star Host on Airbnb

How to Be a 5-Star Host on Airbnb

Want to give your Airbnb listing a boost? Attract more travelers with a 5-star hosting average! Whether you’re brand new to Airbnb or you’ve got some hosting experience under your belt, these tips can help. Just think, with a 5-star hosting average, you’ll be able to take your pick amongst all the inquiries that will roll in!

What other benefits are to be had from a 5-star rating? Well, just to name a few:

  • You can choose only well-reviewed travelers, if you prefer. (Everyone starts unreviewed on Airbnb, but experienced, well-reviewed travelers usually translate to a lower potential for unexpected “surprises” or issues.)
  • You can increase your prices. (Guests are often willing to pay a little extra to ensure they’re staying with a well-reviewed host.)
  • You can be nominated for special recognition in the Airbnb hosting community. (That means more bookings — and more money — for you!)

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How to Find a Safe, Comfortable and AFFORDABLE Place to Stay on Airbnb [Budget Travel Secrets]

How to find safe, comfortable and affordable accommodations with Airbnb

As budget travelers, we search for budget accommodations (on average $600 or less per month). But that doesn’t mean we’re frequenting skeezy hostels or crappy motels. Even a year after quitting our jobs to travel, we’ve continued to avoid the summer camp housing scene. If you’re searching for a way to make travel more affordable without kickin’ it bunk-bed style, Airbnb could be your answer.

If you’re searching for a way to make travel more affordable without kickin’ it bunk-bed style, Airbnb could be your answer.

To sustain our traveling life, we book most of our accommodations through Airbnb, a website I HIGHLY recommend for finding unique and affordable places to stay. It’s especially great if you’re traveling to an unfamiliar place, as a helpful host can be priceless when you’re exploring someplace new. We typically book what I refer to as a “home away from home” — a private room in a local family’s house or apartment — but you can find everything from private vacation rentals to shared rooms to traditional bed and breakfast inns on Airbnb. They even have some crazy cool accommodations like tree houses and geodesic domes!  Continue reading

Pre-Trip Planning for Costa Rica [HELP US PLAN OUR TRIP!]

Costa Rica Pre-Trip Planning on North to South

*Photo: “Costa Rica… No artificial ingredients!” by Arturo Sotillo (license: CC BY-SA 2.0. Photo has been cropped and text added.)

Ian and I will depart for our next big travel destination, Costa Rica, on February 14th (romantic, I know). It’s my first time to Central America, and I’m SO excited to be heading somewhere warm this winter!

The only problem is that we still need to decide what to do while we’re there. I have to admit that when it comes to pre-trip itinerary planning, Ian and I have historically taken a lackadaisical approach. The last time we had a long-term overseas trip approaching, we planned nothing beyond just getting to the place we were staying. Granted, we were CRAZY busy prepping for our transition to travel life, so we kinda had an excuse.

But this time? I want to be more prepared! Read on to see what we’ve planned so far. If you have any suggestions for us, we’d love to hear them! Share them with us while we’re planning our trip these next few weeks.  Continue reading

Home Away From Home: Fjord Norway (Stord)

Home Away From Home: Stord, Norway on northtosouth.us


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Avoiding the Busy Tourist Season in Eraclea Mare, Italy [TRAVEL JOURNAL]

Eraclea Mare beach, Eraclea Mare, Italy
Above: Eraclea Mare beach on a May evening, Eraclea Mare, Italy

In May Eraclea Mare is a serene oceanfront destination, especially for those who despise the touristy beach scene. It may be busy in summer, but in spring we had the beach all to ourselves! Read on to find out how we spent our time during our five-day stay in Eraclea Mare.  Continue reading

Intro to Fjord Norway: What to Do, Where to Stay, and How to Plan for a Trip to Norway

Sailing in Stord, Fjord Norway on northtosouth.us
Above: Leirvik Marina, Stord, Norway

This first month after quitting my job to travel the world, Norway greeted us with open arms. Beautiful scenery, friendly people, and loads of opportunities to enjoy the outdoors made March a pleasantly memorable first month of freedom. Read on for our tips on traveling to Fjord Norway!  Continue reading