☆ Starry Nights with the Ones I Love ☆

We’re finally on the road after two months of work on the campervan, and after a long day of driving, we were ready to call it a day.

As Ian started cooking dinner, I took Tiger out for his last walk of the night, and when we turned back toward the van to head in, there was the Milky Way.

It may as well have slapped me in the face it was shining so clearly, impossible to ignore, like an old neglected friend who’s just shown up at my door.

I went straight in and got out my A7III, with 12% battery remaining, and took a total of 7 photos before I heard something in the bushes and ran back into the van. I stacked two of those photos into this one, which is now our first official photo of the van with the Milky Way!

Here we are on our first night camping in the van with our latest updates. We camped at a campground at Silver Lake in June Lake, California, where Ian and I first met on a ski trip over 8 years ago.

So far, all is going smoothly on the road.

The van is surprisingly quiet considering all the new wood that we’ve added in the past 2 months (cedar ceiling and a second storage bench).

Tiger is doing great and is absolutely loving all the new smells and sights of #vanlife. We’re all enjoying nighttime walks around the campground together when the air is cooler and we’re surrounded by stars.

As it’s been a good three or four weeks since we’ve touched a camera, it felt good to finally break it out again for some astrophotography. Can’t wait to do it again tonight. ?

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2 Replies to “☆ Starry Nights with the Ones I Love ☆”

    1. Thanks Serena! We’re loving van life and it’s definitely fun to be able to travel with Tiger.

      Now we just need to see if we can get our van over to Iceland somehow. ? Hopefully we’ll be back there soon to visit! Hope all is well with you guys in the land of fire and ice!

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